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BOPH 20th Anniversary Open Day – 10th July

The charity BOPH was founded in 1995 by Joan and her late husband. Their granddaughter had suffered vaccine damage as a baby that had left her disabled and when she left full time education, Joan’s family soon became aware that there was a complete lack of work opportunities for young adults with disabilities. They made a life changing decision which led to them setting up a centre that would offer basic work opportunities in a safe and caring environment for people with disabilities.

After some intense fundraising by family and friends, Business Opportunities for the Physically Handicapped obtained charity status and they then leased a small unit from the local authority on the Charfleets Industrial Estate. The unit was in a complete state of disrepair. However, with the help of local builders and tradesmen who gave up their free time using their skills and expertise, the unit was completely refurbished to a very high standard.

Celebrating 20 Years of BOPH

In 1995 the doors were opened for the first time and BOPH offered placements for the physically handicapped and people with learning difficulties. Immediately it was a great success and Joan then fully realised the desperate need for such an organisation within the community.

That was 20 years ago.

Open Day at BOPH

20 years on BOPH is still going strong, giving people with disabilities the chance to work and live a normal life.

Come to our 20th Anniversary Open Day on 10th July here at BOPH! The Open Day takes place on 10th July between 11am-3pm at  BOPH HQ. At the open day, you will get to meet all the great people that work at BOPH and get to see what we do.

Call 01268 515 794 for more info.