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Business Opportunities for the Physically Handicapped

Charity Donations Essex

We accept all types of charity donations from free business services to monetary donations

Here at BOPH we appreciate that times are tough, so donations are greatly appreciated, thank you in advance for any help that you can offer to our charity. We accept all types of donations from free business services to monetary donations. All donations go to the function and maintaining of our charity and ultimately aid towards finding jobs for disabled people in Essex. BOPH charity donations are much appreciated as it’s hard to get by as a charity when donations are low, so anything is warmly welcomed. Our charity are honest about what we do with charitable donations, all money will directly go to helping the charity’s cause, no monetary donations are wasted on personal affairs. So you can feel safe knowing you’ll improve the life of a disabled person should you kindly choose to donate.

What happens with your donation

Once received, your donation is used to maintain the charity’s service and translates directly into improving the lives of disabled people in Essex and London. Each donation helps for a particular function inside of the charity and is what sustains our ability to help disabled people find stable work placements. People who benefit from the charity are being made happy and lives are being substantially improved as a direct result of donations given to BOPH, we savour every penny and put it to good use, you’d be surprised how far your money and services can go!

Donate to us via JustGiving

JustGiving enables people to donate to us at BOPH easily and to make a difference to the lives of disabled people in the most convenient way. If you are in a position where you can help BOPH with a charity donation then please take the time to donate to BOPH simply by clicking the JustGiving banner below:

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